Crack Intro


ABSTRACT My father was awarded with a honorable mention at Revision 2018 (a tournament where programmers compete by cracking software) for a video game that he pirated almost 20 years ago.

Dear Daniel,

I am pleased to announce you that the work that you submitted on behalf of your father was awarded an honorable mention within the Old Skool Intro category at Revision 2018.

The screening of your father's work, as well as the reading of the statement text that you sent us, turned out to be a truly emotional and endearing experience. I can assure you that, even though your father's work was the less complex piece, technically speaking, within the whole competition, the audience and the rest of the participants really enjoyed its emotional value. Sometimes we forget that we are nostalgic people :P In fact, the jury selected your father's work for his sentimental significance over anything else. We are even considering to include a new category for next year's edition in which works would be selected for their emotional value, leaving aside if they were programmed skillfully or not.

Thanks for your interest in Revision!

Warm regards,

Photography: Miguel Moreno